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Alcohol Rehab

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Many alcoholics and their families are under the misconception that alcohol abuse does not require treatment at an inpatient or alcohol rehab facility. However, this substance is a very dangerous drug, accounting for more incidents of violence than any other drug. It is also one of the few drugs known to cause death in individuals who abruptly stop long-term use. This is why many medical professionals advise patients to seek medical treatment for alcohol cessation at an alcohol rehab facility.

Alcohol rehab centers can support your desire for sobriety and treat both alcohol abuse and other drugs. Some alcoholics may not feel comfortable in some rehab centers that treat drugs and alcohol together. However, this lack of comfort with the idea of entering a drug treatment center is something that can be overcome through a better understanding of what addiction is and the recovery tools employed during treatment.

Detox and withdrawal

Alcohol is a drug, and the methods employed to treat this drug are no different than any other drug rehab treatment approach. This substance is a depressant, which has a profound effect on the central nervous system. This effect can lead to potential seizures in long-term addicts should they attempt to abruptly cease use. It is very important that when attempting to quit it, the alcoholic be under the care of a physician to monitor the dangerous withdrawal symptoms they may experience throughout detox. Having someone watch over a patient who has attempted to quit alcohol, especially someone who knows the signs of distress and DTs (delirium tremens), can be the difference between life and death. There are those who have died of DTs even in hospital settings because the onset can be subtle. This is yet another reason to seek out medical intervention because the physicians and nurses on staff are accustomed to cessation and know what to look for, making it easier to apply this procedure to the patient.

Symptoms of withdrawal may include:

  • Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Perspiring
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Fear
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Some individuals struggling with addiction are unable to achieve their long-term sobriety goals without first cleansing the body from residuals of alcohol. Detox is generally offered as the first step towards recovery from substance abuse. Some recovery centers will allow chronic alcohol abusers to join a medical management program to come off these substances slowly. The common categories of intervention used at most treatment facilities are those for opiates. Suboxone, for instance, has been employed during substance abuse treatment to treat addiction to painkillers and heroin, substituting methadone as a medically-supervised treatment method.

Treating addiction

Addiction manifests itself chronically and in the same ways regardless of the drug type. Addicts go through the same process of cessation, therapy, and relapse prevention when abstaining from these drugs. There is generally a progressive cycle to treat dependency to all these substances. Alcohol rehab centers treat addiction as a medical condition and not a habit. Patients can see results regardless of their willingness to enter. However, in order to move forward in treatment it’s important that the patient joins treatment willingly. If you have questions about rehabilitation call us today at (336) 231-3168

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